Who are the contributors?

Any professional who loves to cook can submit his/her recipe.

Can I submit my recipe?

Yes, we invite recipes from all professionals, just make sure that it is not copy paste from any other website. We accept only originals. You can submit it for the competition or to be added in our continuously increasing list of recipes.

What is the procedure of submitting my recipe?

Email to- createyourtaste@gmail.com with following details:

Personal Details:

  • Full Name- must
  • Profession and years in profession-must
  • Address and Location-must
  • Contact details-must
  • Facebook/Twitter page- preferable, that will bring you more hits.


  • Detailed recipe- must
  • At least 8 High Resolution Picture (2 including candidate)- must
  • Video- preferable, that will bring you more hits.
  • Short story on what motivated you to make this recipe- preferable, that will bring you more hits.
  • Tags/Keywords:- must
  • Vegetarian, Non-vegetarian, Halal etc
  • Best Time to eat- Morning,  Lunch, Dinner, tea time, Party etc
  • Seafood, finger food, Cool drink, Indian, French, Sindhi, Mexican etc


What do I gain by sharing my recipe?

You are added as contributors in CookItDaily. Our team helps in making you and your recipe popular with our network and social media tools such as twitter, facebook page, newsletters. You can also share professionally created page of your recipe on your social media pages, and gain more hits, likes and ratings. We reward the most popular contributors in various ways.

Can I access this page from my cell phone ?

Yes you can, when you view cookitdaily.wordpress.com in your cell phone, mobile version of website will automatically activated, however you can select if you wish to view complete version in your cell phone.

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