Createyourtaste!- Season-1

Who says engineers/professionals can’t cook?

We think, we do and therefore we eat! And yes we can invent here too.

  • Mechanical – Create your own fluid dynamics formula in a cocktail, or lassi;
  • Chemical – Create new chemistry of chicken and corn, and coffee with lemon juice!
  • Programmers- Write a simple algorithm and design the most taste buds friendly dish!
  • Designers (fashion) – Stitch your mutton with onion and chili; then cut into pieces for a tongue full of romance.
  • Painter: Bring the vibrant colors from your canvas to the plate!
  • Civil /Architects: Create some most complex and fascinating shapes in your cakes and pastries!
  • Doctors:  Bring the life in items on your kitchen table, and serve the appetite of a hungry heart.
  • Guy at oil rig in middle of sea- Every drop of flavor counts to make fresh seafood!
  • Tell us what you can bring in- send us one line of 130 characters (why?- because we tweet! And rest 10 characters reserved to name your profession 😉

Rule- these are simple and funny please follow.   Violation of these rules- we take seriously!

  1. We love our mom (& in-laws), sisters (& in-laws) and the most dear Wife (NO-in laws!), and respected master chefs- they are the motivations for us to try and let us create new taste from our professional life. Wait, next time we will bring in something new for you on the table!
  2. You should be a working professional- no matter what segment and industry.
  3. Invent your own recipe- look at the brain map and skills that you can bring in from your profession.
  4. Do not copy! We are just too good at internet and will find if you are a copycat or your recipe has been submitted other places before the season ends.
  5. All inventors are given clear credits for their recipe, but you shall not submit the recipe to other contests or any commercial purpose before the season ends- otherwise you will not be considered for the competition, though your recipe will still remains on website.
  6. Yes you can increase your chances of winning and voting by sharing it on various social media platforms such as facebook, twitter or even direct emails. How to do it, see your own recipe page!
  7. Invent as best possible, all kind of foods and ingredients are encouraged. But, we do not appreciate recipe that use human or any other near extinct /protected animal. We are serious about it, and you will be banned from internet if you break this rule!

Submission Procedure:

Details required: Email to-


  • Full Name- must
  • Profession and years in profession-must
  • Address and Location-must
  • Contact details-must
  • Facebook/Twitter page- preferable, that will bring you more hits.


  • Detailed recipe- must
  • At least 8 High Resolution Picture (2 including candidate)- must
  • Video- preferable, that will bring you more hits.
  • Short story on what motivated you to make this recipe- preferable, that will bring you more hits.
  • Tags/Keywords:- must
    • Vegetarian, Non-vegetarian, Halal etc
    • Best Time to eat- Morning,  Lunch, Dinner, tea time, Party etc
    • Seafood, finger food, Cool drink, Indian, French, Sindhi, Mexican etc
(Concept copyright: C.K. Vishwakarma)

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