Original homemade recipes!   From the people who love to cook, from their soul and heart!

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Those who doesn’t know me, I am a technocrat; born engineer, and educated to be a roboticist & project management professional from premier institutions from India, Singapore & USA. My love & huger for the original taste, & experience of almost 20years of experimenting with different flavors will bring you original homemade recipes, not to be found at any shop- trust me.

Also, this is a first step to bring more such professionals together who aren’t trained as a chef, or went to any F&B training institute; yet have deep interest for inventing new recipes- call it food design- developed over the period of time, and with observation earned in their profession.

CookItDaily is more than just a collection of recipes; there are many more interesting things coming up, and ideas/feedbacks from you are always welcomed. We are inviting content contributors, promoters, editors too. If you are interested in any role, do drop an email to createyourtaste@gmail.com.



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