Pistachio Almond Milk

Items needed:

  1. 1.5 litre fresh full cream milk
  2. 8-10 small cardaomom
  3. Half cup pistachios
  4. Half cup almonds
  5. Half cup suger


  • Take the milk in deep pan, and make it hot to the boiling point.

  • Add suger and 8-10 cardamom in it and keep stirring
  • In between, keep removing the malai (clotted cream) in separate bowl
  • Keep removing the cream from the wall too, even if the cream is burnt a bit on the wall or the pan bottom, don’ throw (it gives even better flavor)
  • Keep stirring till the milk become almost half in quantity
  • cut the freshly washed almond and pistachio in small pieces, coarse form (not to small not to big)
  • Remove the cardamom from the milk
  • Add the coarse almond and pistachio in milk and warm for another 3-4 mins,
  • Add the collected Malai (clotted cream back in the milk, stir a while) close the flame and then close the lid
  • Once the milk comes to a room temperature, keep it fridge to make it cool
You can serve it either hot or cool.

A cup of this cool milk in the morning will get a fresh start of the day; and a cup in the night after dinner will bring you sweet dreams!

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