Kidney Beans Cutlets (Rajma Tikki)

Items needed:

  1. Two cup of boiled kidney beans
  2. One big boiled potato
  3. One big spoon of Yogurt
  4. Salted butter for cooking and roasting


  1. Take half spoon of butter in pan, and fry the spices: such as CuminAjwain,Mustard coriander seeds
  2. Add the boiled kidney beans salt to taste, then dry fry till the the beans are roasted and smell to smoked flavor.
  3. Mash the boiled potato and roast it also in butter
  4. Mix and grind the roasted kidney beans in mixer (not smooth but small pieces and chunky form)
  5. Roast this mixture again in added butter and roasted potato. Add green chilli, chaat masala, pepper and Asafoetida
  6. Now make cutlets in various shapes as you like, use sharpers to cut in various designs, and fry both sides till turned golden brown.
  7. Serve it hot with yogurt, mint & tomato sauce.
  8. Use the remaining roasted, crunchy kidney beans and potatoes as sides to cutlets.
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